Developed by Phosphor Games and published by Imperative Entertainment and NBC Universal Television, Gemini: Heroes Reborn was released to accompany the 13-episode mini-series on NBC.


Gemini and Enigma act as prequels to Heroes Reborn and share an overarching story by two writers on the show, overseen by Heroes creator Tim Kring. Key characters and plots will link the two games, so while you can play them separately, Heroes lovers can play both to get a richer experience.


Gemini: Heroes Reborn is available on consoles and PC and is a first-person action-adventure game where the player controls new character Cassandra, age 20, who uses localized time-travel powers and telekinesis to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. In a gameplay video, we saw her exploring an abandoned facility and come across a locked door. She used her power to peer into the past to read a piece of paper with a code, which she used in the present to unlock the door. We also saw her lift up a piece of debris, travel to the past with it, and then hurl it at an enemy to knock them out.