You wake up on a base in a new, unexplored planet. Your landing craft is torn to pieces and your gear is scattered. Why are you here? What is your mission? How will you ever get back home to your family?


Corpse of Discovery is a thought-provoking first-person planetary exploration game located on a myriad of unexplored planets. As the player, all you know is that to return home, you must complete the mission at-hand for the Corps of Discovery. However, with each mission completed, you’re left with unresolved questions and zero answers.




Mature and Deep Narrative – A thought-provoking exploration game, set in space, about life’s revelations, misguided expectations, disappointments and self-discovery.


Fantastic Alien Landscapes – Explore undiscovered worlds that go on for miles, each world more astounding and beautiful than the last.


Immersive Investigative Gameplay – Examine your environment to understand new lifeforms, appreciate history, and re-live your precious memories.


Environmental challenges – Experience unique planetary hazards and gameplay mechanics like deadly solar radiation, powerful wind storms, lava oceans, and floating islands only reachable by jetpack.